Why I won't *like* every author on Facebook

I've seen the posts on the various publisher and author loops, where someone posts their social networking link - Facebook link or Twitter link or Goodreads page and says, come like me, or follow me, or whatever. And everyone does, because we all want more followers or fans or whatever they're called.

Then I see blog posts and Tweets and Facebooks posts about authors who "spam" other authors with news about their books, their contracts, their reviews.

That's why I won't follow, like or friend every author I know. Okay, I actually have done that before - so when I get invitations to events, or news about a release, if I'm not interested I just disregard it. I *don't* complain about that author spamming me. If I didn't want to know about that stuff, I shouldn't have friended/liked/followed them -- right?

But now I've figured some of this stuff out, I'm not doing that any more.

So I will ask the same from others so I don't get accused of spamming other authors - don't like my page, or friend me, or follow me if you don't want to read about my new release or my release party coming up. I don't want to be afraid to invite people I follow to my release party because they'll think I'm spamming them. I want to invite people who might be interested in what I'm doing, so if you're not interested,  don't friend/follow/like me. I'm okay with that. I'd rather have fewer followers and have them people genuinely interested in what I'm doing, than a gazillion friends who aren't interested and get annoyed when I tell them what I'm doing

Here are my links if you're really interested!