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Why I won't *like* every author on Facebook

I've seen the posts on the various publisher and author loops, where someone posts their social networking link - Facebook link or Twitter link or Goodreads page and says, come like me, or follow me, or whatever. And everyone does, because we all want more followers or fans or whatever they're called.

Then I see blog posts and Tweets and Facebooks posts about authors who "spam" other authors with news about their books, their contracts, their reviews.

That's why I won't follow, like or friend every author I know. Okay, I actually have done that before - so when I get invitations to events, or news about a release, if I'm not interested I just disregard it. I *don't* complain about that author spamming me. If I didn't want to know about that stuff, I shouldn't have friended/liked/followed them -- right?

But now I've figured some of this stuff out, I'm not doing that any more.

So I will ask the same from others so I don't get accused of spamming other authors - don't like my page, or friend me, or follow me if you don't want to read about my new release or my release party coming up. I don't want to be afraid to invite people I follow to my release party because they'll think I'm spamming them. I want to invite people who might be interested in what I'm doing, so if you're not interested,  don't friend/follow/like me. I'm okay with that. I'd rather have fewer followers and have them people genuinely interested in what I'm doing, than a gazillion friends who aren't interested and get annoyed when I tell them what I'm doing

Here are my links if you're really interested!

Can Kelly be a better blogger?

Do you think blogging is falling by the wayside in favour of other types of social networking?  

I have to admit I’ve gotten out of my blog schedule. For a while I was pretty good about keeping my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Mondays I’d talk about my writing. Wednesdays I’d talk about what I’m reading. Friday’s would be various things, sometimes little excerpts or sneak peeks of coming books or news about new contracts.

But I haven’t had much good to say about my writing lately and I hate to write negative whiny blog posts. I keep track of what I’m reading on Goodreads, so if anyone’s interested in what I read, you can find me there. The Friday excerpts and news are still good. 

I do love Twitter. It’s short. It’s immediate. It’s interactive. It’s fun. Yes, I sometimes feel constrained by those 140 characters, but you can link to longer things if you like. Facebook – I’m still on the fence about. I like it for some things, but I have to admit to frustration about the changes they make without telling people. I find Twitter easier to interact with people because I can make lists, where in Facebook I can’t and it seems hit or miss if I actually connect with people. 

So maybe it’s time to rethink the blogging thing. 

I’m going to try to post a weekend blog with bits and pieces of things I’ve been thinking about during the week. It might be my writing. It might be articles I’ve read or other blog posts. It might be personal things. It might be things I’ve already Tweeted about or put on Facebook but can talk about at more length. It might be news about covers, releases, excerpts. But I’ll try to do a post every weekend. 

I also haven’t ruled out the idea of another serial story on my blog. I’ve done that twice before and readers seemed to like that. So stay tuned about that. Also I’ll still be blogging with the Nine Naughty Novelists every couple of weeks and we have a GREAT serial story there too! 

So...come follow me on Twitter. We have fun there! And I’m on Facebook and I’ll try to be there more often too. And I’m keeping my reading list updated on Goodreads. And check back here on weekends! There are lots of ways for us to connect!