Christmas is on hold today...

Today is my son's birthday. Happy birthday buddy! He is 19 and wow, does that make me feel old! My baby!

Every year I roll my eyes in frustration at his December birthday (I didn't plan it that way! He arrived two months early!) because it's so hard to come up with gift ideas for birthday AND Christmas within weeks of each other. Also he gets gift cards and money for his birthday, which he promptly goes out and spends, buying himself the things I want to get him for Christmas. Argh! I keep telling him, just wait until after Christmas, but he's not big on delayed gratification. 

So tonight I'm making beef stroganoff, one of his favourite meals. His friends are coming over for ice cream cake and then they're going out to the bar. Last year when he turned 18 (legal drinking age here) he was the first of all his friends to turn 18 and his big sister had to take him out to celebrate! It's good that they're good enough friends to do that.

So for today, Christmas gets put on hold and it's all about the birthday (which Christmas actually is, too, right? Just someone else's birthday!)