All I Want For Christmas... a fun, sexy little read, perfect for the holidays. We've all felt that pressure to make the season perfect, with perfect parties, perfect gifts and perfect decorations. When things don't go perfectly, it can seem like Christmas is ruined. But sometimes when things go wrong, it helps us see what's really important about the season.

If you bought my book All I Want For Christmas when it was previously published, this is the same book re-released with a new cover. But if you haven't read it, this is a good time to pick it up since it's only .99.

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Perfectionist Erin Nordman usually loves Christmas, but this year things aren't going quite as planned. Lost gifts, too much work to do and organizing the office Christmas party are stressing her out. When Dex Mitchell comes by, the gorgeous Director of Finance who she's had a crush on forever, she turns into a stammering klutz.What else could go wrong this Christmas?

How about too much to drink at the Christmas party, a sexy encounter in the ladies' room and an embarrassed hangover the next day? Can anything turn this around so Erin gets what she really wants for Christmas?