February updates!

What’s new in my world for February...

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet on social media the last few weeks. I don’t get political in my posts, and I’m also not American so I don’t feel completely comfortable about weighing in on US politics. I’ve seen posts from other authors who think everyone should be weighing in on these topics and using their platform, and if you’re not commenting you don’t care; and others who believe authors are running a business and personal opinions have no place in that.

Yes, we are running a business, but as authors we ARE our business and it’s sometimes difficult to separate the two. Having said that, I’m a pretty private person. In the last year I’ve gone through some really shitty stuff in my life which I haven’t posted about either. And I’m going to keep my personal life for the most part private.

But I assure you I do have opinions, strong opinions, and to be honest, the last few weeks I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with American politics! It’s been completely distracting and worrisome and I wish I could do more than just watch from here. I have so many American friends and readers and I want the best for all of you.

Back to the writing stuff!

For all you Netgalley peeps there are THREE of my books up right now for review copies! This freaks me out a bit! I have releases in April, May and July and they’re all books I’m super proud of.

April – Dancing in the Rain – a standalone contemporary romance

May – Hot Shot – Last Shot Book 2 featuring Carrie and Marco

July – Cross Check – Bayard Hockey Book 2 featuring Ella and Ben

What I’m working on now

I’m writing Slap Shot, the next in the Aces Hockey series, which is Max Hall’s story – so many of you have been asking about his HEA! This will be out in October.

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Also watch for the re-release of three of my books from my back list— Rigger, Conference Call and Irish Sex Fairy. I’ve been working on revising and updating these books, got sexy new covers made for them and they should be back in stores February 20!


Preparations are on for RT in Atlanta in May! I’ve booked my flight and am working on swag. Looking forward to seeing my author friends, meeting with my agent and editors and connecting with readers!

Kelly Jamieson