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WIPs and Chains
Before I talk about my WIP I'm thrilled to announce that my book LOST AND FOUND is a finalist in the Passionate Plume!  Yay! Congrats to all the other awesome finalists!

I'm feeling great about my WIP this week because IT'S FINISHED! Well, first draft anyway. Although my first drafts are lot less rough (is that good grammar?) than they used to be, I do a lot more editing as I go than I did when I first started writing. Not sure if that's good or bad. Anyway, it's a 40,000 word novella and it was fun to write something short again and get that quicker gratification. But as with most of my recent projects, I felt this one could have been a lot longer. I could have taken more time to explore different facets of my characters' personalities and their problems. But I planned this to be a novella for a specific call for submissions, so it had to be short.

Now I'm off to Los Angeles early Wednesday morning for the RT Booklovers Convention and I can feel relaxed with a completed manuscript just finished. If I have time to do a little work, I can edit and revise and polish, which is much easiser to do when I just have a few minutes here and there than actual writing.

5th Annual Passionate Plume Finalists announced!

Jenna Bayley-Burke – Compromising Positions
Jianne Carlo – A Paratrooper in A Pear Tree
Kelly Jamieson – Rigger
Opal Carew – SECRET TIES
Opal Carew – SIX
Qwillia Rain – Diablo Blanco Club: Unfair Advantage


Emma Wildes – Can’t Say No
Debra Glass – Bad Kitty
Debra Glass – Bought and Paid For
Francesca Hawley – Seeking Truth
Kate Pearce – Simply Wicked

Futuristic /Sci Fi/Fantasy

Allyson James – Calder
Anna Leigh Keaton* – Once Upon a Time… Midnight Hour
Anna Leigh Keaton – Woodland Magic – Fated
Jory Strong – Fallon Mates : Zoe’s Gift
Michelle Polaris – Bound Odyssey

Paranormal / Time Travel

Allyson James – Mortal Seductions
Allyson James – Mortal Temptations
Anna Leigh Keaton – Time and Again
Dana Marie Bell – Dare to Believe
Francesca Hawley – Protect and Defend
Sharon Page – Blood Deep


Anna Leigh Keaton – Inferno
Jayne Rylon – Phoenix Incantation
Liza James – Hot For Teacher
Madelynne Ellis – Pure Folly
Sherry James – Eight Seconds (Flavors of Ecstasy Anthology Vol. 3)

Wiinners will be announced at the Passionate Ink Party at RWA Nationals in July! Congratulations to all the finalists!