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What I'm Reading Wednesday
First of all I have to have a small rant. WTF HAPPENED TO MY SONY READER? I turned it on yesterday and it took a moment, saying "formatting". Then when I went into a book I recently read, ALL THE BOOKMARKS WERE GONE! I haven't looked at every book on it, but randomly checking some - NO BOOKMARKS!!! All my favorite passages - gone! Well, they're still there, but in an ereader it's not as easy as flipping through paper pages to find them. Grrrr. Not. Happy.


I finished Songbird by Maya Banks. 'Nough said about that one last week.

Now reading Strip Search by Shayla Black/Shelley Bradley. I enjoy the metaphors and other rhetorical devices she comes up with! And the story's hot, too. This story is about a secondary character in Bound and Determined - Kerry's brother Mark. I love a little check-in on characters I've gotten to know in previous books!

And in the continuing ed department :-) I'm reading Screenplay - The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field. Nah, I don't want to write a screenplay, just thought I could learn something about plotting. And I have!

Got some great reads downloaded on my reader for this week!
What I'm Reading Wednesday
This week I finished:
A Perfect Match – by Shelley Bradley – a nice light contemporary romance by one of my favorite authors, lots of great sexual tension.

Submission by Cherie Feather – I started this book some time ago, and just picked up it again and finished it. I ended up really enjoying this BDSM story for the most part. I still had problems with some of the "definitions" at the beginning, but once past that, the story was hot and innovative.

The California Directory of Fine Wineries J
Picked this book up in Solvang, California during our recent stay there. It is research for my next story idea…J

And I’m almost finished Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart – I really enjoyed this BDSM story from a Samhain author I've never read before.

And still keeping up with Greyound Summer by Nara Malone -if you haven't checked this story out, you should. Nara's a brilliant writer and this story is a great summer journey. The Editors at selected Greyhound Summer as an Editor’s Pick and you can read the story there too and vote for Greyhound Summer.