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What I'm Reading Wednesday
First of all I have to have a small rant. WTF HAPPENED TO MY SONY READER? I turned it on yesterday and it took a moment, saying "formatting". Then when I went into a book I recently read, ALL THE BOOKMARKS WERE GONE! I haven't looked at every book on it, but randomly checking some - NO BOOKMARKS!!! All my favorite passages - gone! Well, they're still there, but in an ereader it's not as easy as flipping through paper pages to find them. Grrrr. Not. Happy.


I finished Songbird by Maya Banks. 'Nough said about that one last week.

Now reading Strip Search by Shayla Black/Shelley Bradley. I enjoy the metaphors and other rhetorical devices she comes up with! And the story's hot, too. This story is about a secondary character in Bound and Determined - Kerry's brother Mark. I love a little check-in on characters I've gotten to know in previous books!

And in the continuing ed department :-) I'm reading Screenplay - The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field. Nah, I don't want to write a screenplay, just thought I could learn something about plotting. And I have!

Got some great reads downloaded on my reader for this week!