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Six Sentence Sunday
In honour of St. Patrick's Day (a day late!) this week's six sentences come from my book Irish Sex Fairy. The story is set in (fictional) Kilkenny, California. The Irish Sex Fairy in the book is a sex shop inspired by the much-forwarded email about the Irish Sex Fairy, which outlines all the benefits of sex. (TRUTH!). In the book, Keara's Aunt Maeve owns the Irish Fairy Sex Shop and tries to convince Keara that sex will cure all her problems (she has PTSD after the bank she manages was held up). 

When they stepped outside the small police office into bright sunshine and cool mountain air, she glanced at him.

“What?” he asked, looking at her.

She hesitated then said, “I want to have sex.”

Shane stopped walking. Glanced at his watch. “We’ll have to be fast. I’ve only twenty minutes left in my lunch break.”

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