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Six Sentence Sunday
In honour of St. Patrick's Day (a day late!) this week's six sentences come from my book Irish Sex Fairy. The story is set in (fictional) Kilkenny, California. The Irish Sex Fairy in the book is a sex shop inspired by the much-forwarded email about the Irish Sex Fairy, which outlines all the benefits of sex. (TRUTH!). In the book, Keara's Aunt Maeve owns the Irish Fairy Sex Shop and tries to convince Keara that sex will cure all her problems (she has PTSD after the bank she manages was held up). 

When they stepped outside the small police office into bright sunshine and cool mountain air, she glanced at him.

“What?” he asked, looking at her.

She hesitated then said, “I want to have sex.”

Shane stopped walking. Glanced at his watch. “We’ll have to be fast. I’ve only twenty minutes left in my lunch break.”

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Six Sentence Sunday

My sex six sentences this week come from One Wicked Night. This is a conversation between Kaelin and Tyler, the morning after the wicked night:

“I think he sort of figured out what happened last night. I was still wearing the same clothes and…” She looked around the church as if to make sure the minister wasn’t within earshot.

“Sweetheart, nobody could even imagine what happened last night,” Tyler said. “Which reminds me. Your panties are sitting on the desk in our room."

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Six Sentence Sunday
Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday! This week's six sentences come from my book Crazy Ever After, which is available next week FREE at Smashwords, to celebrate Read an E-book Week!

They both wanted it. Right now, right here, hard and fast and unbearably hot. But he wanted no doubt in Samara’s mind, wanted it absolutely, unequivocally clear to her that he was doing this of his own free will. 

Their hands grabbed at each other, and finally, he just used his strength and held both her hands behind her back with one of his, took her knees out from under her with one leg and sent her to the mattress. He fell on top of her, his weight holding her in place, their hands still trapped behind her back. She made a noise, and he shushed her again, putting his other hand over her mouth.

Six Sentence Sunday
Welcome to my first Six Sentence Sunday post!

These six sentences are from my most recent release, Rule of Three:

I don’t think I can do this. The words seemed loud in her head, but she hadn’t spoken them out loud. Determination to be bad, to show Dag, the rebel, she could be bad too, mingled with a desire to equally prove to Chris that she wasn’t shocked by the revelation about his past, and she was just as up for naughty fun as he was.

But uncertainty weakened her knees, made her hands tremble. She had no idea what to do. The arousal that had heated her earlier had been crowded out by nerves.