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Six Sentence Sunday

My sex six sentences this week come from One Wicked Night. This is a conversation between Kaelin and Tyler, the morning after the wicked night:

“I think he sort of figured out what happened last night. I was still wearing the same clothes and…” She looked around the church as if to make sure the minister wasn’t within earshot.

“Sweetheart, nobody could even imagine what happened last night,” Tyler said. “Which reminds me. Your panties are sitting on the desk in our room."

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Six Sentence Sunday
Welcome to my first Six Sentence Sunday post!

These six sentences are from my most recent release, Rule of Three:

I don’t think I can do this. The words seemed loud in her head, but she hadn’t spoken them out loud. Determination to be bad, to show Dag, the rebel, she could be bad too, mingled with a desire to equally prove to Chris that she wasn’t shocked by the revelation about his past, and she was just as up for naughty fun as he was.

But uncertainty weakened her knees, made her hands tremble. She had no idea what to do. The arousal that had heated her earlier had been crowded out by nerves.