Stuff Your Stockings!


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Welcome to the Stuff Your Stockings Blog Tour! To welcome you here to my site I thought I would give you the Top Ten Reasons a Christmas Tree is Better Than a Man:

  1. A Christmas tree is always erect.
  2. Even small ones give satisfaction.
  3. A Christmas tree stays up for 12 days and nights.
  4. A Christmas tree always looks good - even with the lights on.
  5. A Christmas tree is always happy with its size.
  6. A Christmas tree has cute balls.
  7. A Christmas tree doesn't get mad if you break one of its balls.
  8. You can throw a Christmas tree out when it's past its 'sell by' date.
  9. You don't have to put up with a Christmas tree all year.
Okay I'm totally kidding with this list -  I love men! There's no way a tree is really better than a man!

Here's a little excerpt from my Christmas novella, All I Want For Christmas, which I'm giving away a copy of, and a $10 gift card for winner's choice of Amazon, B&&N or Ellora's Cave! Leave a comment and I'll draw one random winner.


Wow. Ladies’ bathrooms were really nice. She turned him and pushed him down to sit on the chair with the red velvet seat. He could just stare at her as she hiked her snug skirt up over her thighs so she could straddle his lap.
Holy shit. All the blood in his veins immediately rushed to his dick, which hardened painfully and made him dizzy. “Erin…” he croaked.
She laid her hands on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him, a luscious, soft, lingering kiss. He held her waist and kissed her back, helpless to resist. Her lips were velvety and warm and, when she opened her mouth over his and touched her tongue to his lips, his head started spinning.
He slid a hand up her back, over the smooth bare skin above the strapless dress and into her long silky hair to hold her head. He tilted her head for a better angle and deepened the kiss. On and on it went, deep, open-mouthed, devouring, something he’d wanted to do for months. Heat exploded inside him. God, she was sweet and delicious and better than every fantasy he’d had about her over the last months.
“Erin,” he groaned. Her small hands clamped onto his shoulders through the suit jacket, and she squirmed on his lap to get nearer. “God, Erin.” Then her hands were in his hair, gripping and tugging. Jesus, she was hot, as hot and needy as he was.
He moved the hand on her waist down so he could slide it along the silky skin of her thigh, and she moaned into his mouth. He was throbbing everywhere, insanely turned on by this outrageous conduct, even more aroused by the knowledge that all their co-workers were just feet away merrily partying.
She wriggled closer to him, and he could feel the damp heat of her panties against his crotch. Then she bit his lip, just hard enough to make him jump. “Sorry,” she whispered, and licked his bottom lip. Then she kissed him again. My God, she was going to kill him. Lust rose in him like a tidal wave, threatened to sweep them both away, and he ate at her mouth hungrily, fiercely.
She sat up and arched her back in invitation, her breasts so close to his face. He hesitated only a nanosecond before reaching for the back of her dress.
“The zipper’s at the side,” she murmured, and lifted her left arm. He found the tiny tab and yanked it down, loosening the snug bodice, then tugged it down to her waist. God in heaven, her breasts were a work of art. High, round, just full enough, with tight dark nipples that begged to be sucked. His mouth actually watered as he looked down at her in awe, hungry to taste and lick and suck.
“Beautiful, Erin,” he muttered and, closing his eyes, he bent to taste her. He took the tip of one breast into his mouth, and she was sweet against his tongue. She quivered, arching her back even more, head falling back so her long hair was on his knees. He fisted one hand in that hair and tugged hard, tugged her back even farther, and he covered her chest with kisses, returning to the other hard little nipple to tug and suck.
“Dex, oh, God,” she cried out softly.
“Shh,” he whispered. “We have to be quiet.”
“Yes, yes, quiet,” she babbled mindlessly. Then she let out a long moan as he sucked hard on the budded tip of her breast. Her pelvis pressed against his hard-on, and he pushed her thighs farther apart to allow her closer. Rocking against him, she was clearly seeking satisfaction.
Meanwhile he was going to get his satisfaction way to soon if she kept moving against him like that. “Hold on, gorgeous,” he whispered and shoved his hand inside the black lace panties she wore. His fingers found her wet and hot and slick, and he stroked through her creases, as low as he could go in the position they were in, finding the entrance to her tight sheath, then back up over the swollen button of her clitoris. She jerked on his lap when he touched her there, bit her lip, eyes closed.
“Is that good?” he asked softly, stroking her there.
“Yes,” she sighed. “So good.”
He felt the tension building in her body, her thighs quivering, muscles tightening, and then they both heard the door to the ladies’ room open. High-pitched voices chattered as two—or was it three?—women came in.
            Erin and Dex tensed and leaned their foreheads together, panting, trying not to make a sound. Erin didn’t recognize the voices. Damn! She’d been so close! 

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