June news!

Summer is here! I've been enjoying the warm weather and doing lots of work in the yard, meaning sore muscles, broken nails and a bit of sunburn! But we wait all winter for this so I'm happy!


Big news for June RIGHT NOW -- SHUT OUT is on sale for just $.99!! Go grab it now! This book got awesome reviews when it was released so I hope this sale gets Shut Out into more readers' hands!

The Bayard College hockey team isn’t where Jacob Flass thought he’d be a season ago. He was a rising star in the Canadian major junior league, cruising toward a spot on an NHL roster—until a single disastrous night on the town brought it all crashing down. Now he’s out of options, except for playing well, studying hard, and staying away from girls. He’s not supposed to be flirting with the hottest, sweetest chick he’s ever met. But how could he possibly stay away?
Skylar Lynwood knows that Jacob is out of her league. She’s just trying to go with the flow, which isn’t easy when six feet and four inches of total hockey hunkiness is making a play for her one moment, then giving her the cold shoulder the next. Skylar’s head tells her that this rugged athlete isn’t worth her time, but her body says something altogether different. Risking her heart for Jacob may be the craziest thing she’s ever done . . . but she won’t let him shut her out.



Join me and my Nine Naughty Novelists friends on Facebook for a Midsummer Madness party! June 20 here in the 9NN Party Cabana -- hot reads, hot book boyfriends, fun and prizes!

Reader question!

Hi Kelly, I loved Dancing in the Rain, it has become my favourite book you've written so far. Where did the idea come from & do see yourself writing another one similar to it in the near future?

The Author Note in Dancing in the Rain basically explains where the idea came from. It was actually my agent and my editor who'd been talking and suggested I write about a retired hockey player. And maybe a secret baby story. And I was all nah, I don't think so....but then I started thinking about Drew and I had to write his story. Only I didn't want it to be the usual secret baby, because these days it's hard to imagine why a woman would keep a child a secret from the father. But in this case there was a good reason. At first I thought the story would start after Sarah's death, but when I started writing it, that wasn't how it went. 

I have an idea for a couple of spin off books involving Peyton's new business that I'm mulling over...nothing definite yet...

Thanks for asking!

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I love this video of this dog who feels so bad for taking the baby's toy!

My son gave my a gorgeous gift pack from Lush for Mother's Day and my favorite thing is the Scrubee! It smells so nice, and it makes my skin so soft! It has really gritty stuff in it -- apparently ground almonds and coco shell -- it makes a bit of a mess in the bathtub, but it's worth it!

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Cover reveal!



Long Shot will be out February 2018!

A haunted beauty inspires a Navy SEAL turned playboy bar owner to change his ways in this tender and sensual novel from the bestselling author of Hot Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Waitressing at a tequila bar on the beach in sunny San Diego may not be what Reece Kirkwell wants to do forever, but for now it’s perfect—other than the flashbacks to the tragedy she caused in Boston. And the fact that one of her bosses is a domineering, first-class manwhore who’s as stubborn as he is sexy. If he’d just listen to her, she could double his business. But it would also mean getting close to someone, and that’s a risk she can’t afford.
Cade Hardy’s partners at Conquistadors are like his brothers, but he’s the money man trying to keep them all afloat. To blow off steam, he’s been sleeping around a little. The last thing he needs is business advice from their crazy-hot new waitress. Cade can’t figure Reece out. She’s smarter than she lets on, and she doesn’t hide her disgust for his active sex life. But after he recognizes her PTSD symptoms, Cade is determined to save her . . . unless she saves him first.
Kelly Jamieson’s intoxicating Last Shot novels can be read together or separately:
“Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me. A sexy, sultry, page-turning read.”New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips, on Body Shot

Kelly Jamieson
How to Write a Hot Sports Hero

Last week at the RT Convention I had an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with authors Brenda Rothert and Toni Aleo — our topic was “How to Write a Hot Sports Hero”. Too bad the session wasn’t recorded but I thought I’d share some of the discussion. I don’t remember everything that was said, so this is mostly my thoughts.


We talked about why we like to write sports romance and for me it’s obvious —it’s because I love hockey. I have since I was a little girl watching Hockey Night in Canada. My high school boyfriend played hockey, so I went to his games, and he taught me a lot about hockey watching our town’s major junior team. Then I moved to the big city of Winnipeg where there was an NHL team—so exciting! Then we lost our team. Boo. Then we got it back. Yay! Go Jets go!

One thing I like about writing hockey is the players and their personalities. I talked about how hockey players are some of the most humble professional athletes there are. Sure, there are some guys who are full of themselves and have a cocky attitude, but generally the culture of hockey is to be very modest and respectful of the team. When players are interviewed after games, you don’t hear hockey players boasting about themselves. Even if they just won the Stanley Cup with a breakaway all by themselves, they’ll still give credit to the team. I love the juxtaposition of a tough, physical game on the ice and often quiet, modest players off the ice.

I think that professional athletes make good romance heroes because they have all the qualities that you want in a hero—they’re good at what they do, they’re dedicated and determined, they're willing to make sacrifices, they’re honorable because they play by the rules… and they have muscles :-) 

We talked about how much sports action we put into our stories. For me, that depends on the story. Some of us have had readers say there’s too much hockey, others say there’s not enough, and you can’t please everyone, so it has to work with the story. I think the on-ice action (because I’m a hockey writer I mostly referred to hockey) has to move the story forward in some way or show us something about our hero’s character. Some of my Aces books feature a story line where the team is desperately trying to make the playoffs, so the games are an important part of the book and add tension to the story because if they lose, they’re out.

Other authors write sports romances where the game isn’t such a big part of the story, and it’s just the hero’s career and is kind of in the background.

Another thing that came up was how much knowledge you have to have of your sport. We talked about the importance of research and how each of us have done different research and gotten to know the sport.  One thing I would say though is that just because someone knows the sport doesn’t mean they can write a romance about it — I believe you have to hone your writing craft and learn how to write well before writing any kind of romance, even if it's about a sport of which you have a lot of knowledge.

I love talking about hockey and hockey romance, so it was a great discussion! Thanks to Toni for arranging the panel and to her assistant Lisa for doing a great job moderating the discussion!



Kelly Jamieson
April Updates!

Well, it's finally done!

It was a big project and thankfully I had lots of help, but all my books that were previously published with Samhain Publishing are back up for sale!

They have new prices, some of them have sexy new covers, and some of them have updated content. I added an Epilogue to One Wicked Night and How to Love, and added an extra chapter to Jilted.

You can check them all out here...


In other news...I recently signed a new contract with Loveswept Publishing for 4 more books! These won't be out until 2018 and 2019, and the books aren't written yet but expect at least some of those to be more Aces Hockey books. 

And....I'm getting ready for RT! I leave on May 1 and I'm getting excited to see author friends, reader friends and for meetings with my agent and editor. If you're in Atlanta I hope we can connect! How many pairs of shoes should I take...hmmm...


Kelly Jamieson
DANCING IN THE RAIN now available!

So thrilled for this release! I wrote this book last summer and it's one I'm super proud of. It's a little different for me, but rest assured there are smiles and smexy times and of course a satisfying happy ending!


Happily ever afters aren’t just for fairy tales. In this heartfelt novel, a retired athlete must become a father to the daughter he never knew—just as he discovers the power of love with a woman who reignites his passions.

Drew Sellers is drowning in broken dreams and empty beer bottles. Hockey was his world, until a bum knee reduced him from superstar to has-been. Then he learns that, thanks to a one-night-stand back in college, he’s the father of a preteen girl with major issues. Her protective aunt sees right through Drew’s BS, but “Auntie P” is no stereotypical spinster. With her slender curves, toned legs, and luscious lips, she has Drew indulging in fantasies that aren’t exactly family-friendly.

At another point in her life, Peyton Watt would have been all over a cocky alpha male who pushes all her buttons like Drew. Right now, though, she needs to focus on taking care of her niece during her sister’s health crisis, all while holding down a job and keeping her own head above water. Besides, Drew’s clearly no father of the year. He’s unemployed. He drinks too much. And he’s living in the past. But after Peyton gets a glimpse of the genuine man behind his tough-guy façade, she’s hooked—and there’s no going back.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/dancingrainKIN

iBooks: http://bit.ly/dancingrainIB

Nook: http://bit.ly/dancingrainBN

Kobo: http://bit.ly/dancingrainK

Google: http://bit.ly/dancingrainG


Kelly Jamieson
March updates!

My big news this month involves one of my publishers, Samhain Publishing. They have announced they are going out of business and starting this month they will begin reverting rights to all books to authors.

I do want to say that I'm very, very grateful to Samhain, for a few reasons. They published my first ever published book - Love Me. I still remember the excitement of getting that first contract offer! Samhain helped me grow my writing career and was always professional and above board. I may have wished some of their business decisions were different, but I wasn't running that business and those weren't my decisions to make. And as they wind down operations, they continue to be helpful and professional - giving us back final files for our books which saves a huge amount of time, and allowing us to purchase cover art.

This is a pretty big thing for me because I’m getting the rights to 20 books back. BUT that also means there will be a period of time where those books are down from all retailers and won’t be available for sale. This scares the crap out of me; although my Samhain books haven’t sold huge numbers lately, they still sold some and this means NO money coming in from them while I work on getting them reformatted, new covers made for some and uploaded at retailers. 

I really hope to get them out quickly but this is time consuming, so please be patient and watch for news when I do get them back up for sale. Some of my best-selling books ever like Rule of Three and One Wicked Night are in these books and I really want to have those available to readers. And those books will keep their same beautiful covers. 

I’m also hopeful that I can do this without interfering too much in my writing schedule. I’m all set for releases this year and a couple in 2018 but I need to keep working to have books out later in 2018.

Other news…

Getting ready for RT in Atlanta!

I’ve rebranded my swag to match my new website…isn’t it pretty?



Body Shot, Book 1 in my Last Shot series, will be on sale for .99 starting March 7! If you haven’t picked this one up yet, now’s the time!

Kelly Jamieson
3 Re-Releases Now Available

Hi everyone!

Happy to announce the re-release of a few of my older books this week!
These books were previously published with the same titles — they have a little updated content and pretty new covers, but they’re the same books so if you’ve already read them, just ignore this!

But if you haven’t read them, now’s a good chance to check them out because I’m putting all 3 of them on sale for just $0.99 for the first two weeks!

Here’s a little peek at them:


In the hands of a master, the fine art of pain can be sheer pleasure…

Alek Croft is in a bind—and no one appreciates the irony more than his best friend, Shaela Hudson. He’s hard up against a deadline to finish his art book featuring Shibari bondage, and he’s short one model. Shaela would be perfect for the photo shoot, if he can just wheedle her out of her comfort zone and into his studio.

The unconventional…preferences…Alek has developed since their high school days make Shaela’s stomach quiver. Yet his erotic photographs are beautiful, and she’s more than a little curious. Besides, when she looks into his eyes, she can’t say no.

Under Alek’s sure, steady hand, Shaela is unexpectedly transported to a mental state where all her stresses—her hypercritical father, her soul-sucking job—fall away in a haze sensual pleasure and achingly beautiful pain.

Yet while she finds it easy to trust Alek’s skill with a rope, she wonders if he’s opening the door to a whole new world…or enticing her to do the one thing she swore she’d never do. Surrender complete control of her body and soul to a man who will inevitably break her heart.

Amazon ~ iBooks ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ Google ~ Smashwords

Conference Call


Soft skills are nice, but they’re no substitute for a nice dual hard drive.

Kenzie had high hopes for this tech conference, if only to discover if the sparks she and her colleague, Noah, have been generating online are just as hot in real time. Instead, it’s like she’s watching a testosterone-fueled tennis match.

On one side is Noah, the sexy, handsome tech geek who works in her company’s Chicago division. On the other is Shaun, an equally hot computer industry friend with whom she once shared conference benefits.

One minute the two men are practically arm wrestling for her attention. The next, they’re offering to fulfill Kenzie’s hottest erotic dream. With her tremulous yes, Noah and Shaun work in delicious tandem to prove there are no limits to pleasure.

The next morning, though, Kenzie’s on edge. Both men are dear to her in different ways. But by indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy, has she sacrificed her one chance at something special—with Noah?

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Irish Sex Fairy

The Irish Sex Fairy believes sex will cure all problems…

In the dead of Keara Callaghan’s nights, the flashbacks come. The bank robber who turned out to be a security guard she had to fire. The sad resignation in his eyes when she convinced him to surrender.

The police sniper shot that killed him.

She just needs to get away for a few weeks. Visit her great-aunt Maeve, a free spirit who runs a sex toy shop Only good memories live in Kilkenny, California, like the time her 17-year-old self gave her virginity to then-18-year-old Shane Dunstan.

Surrounded by an array of erotic toys, Maeve’s colorfully frank talk, and Shane—who’s now one tall drink of sexy—Keara convinces herself that even if she doesn’t deserve happiness, losing herself in Shane’s arms is just the ticket to get her head on straight.

After all, it’s just sex. A means to an end. Definitely.

Instead, Shane offers Keara an unexpected lifeline—an emotional connection she’d convinced herself she didn’t need. But in the sizzling heat of desire, they both miss the signs that the danger she thought lived only in her nightmares is about to get terrifyingly real.

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Stacey Price
February updates!

What’s new in my world for February...

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet on social media the last few weeks. I don’t get political in my posts, and I’m also not American so I don’t feel completely comfortable about weighing in on US politics. I’ve seen posts from other authors who think everyone should be weighing in on these topics and using their platform, and if you’re not commenting you don’t care; and others who believe authors are running a business and personal opinions have no place in that.

Yes, we are running a business, but as authors we ARE our business and it’s sometimes difficult to separate the two. Having said that, I’m a pretty private person. In the last year I’ve gone through some really shitty stuff in my life which I haven’t posted about either. And I’m going to keep my personal life for the most part private.

But I assure you I do have opinions, strong opinions, and to be honest, the last few weeks I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with American politics! It’s been completely distracting and worrisome and I wish I could do more than just watch from here. I have so many American friends and readers and I want the best for all of you.

Back to the writing stuff!

For all you Netgalley peeps there are THREE of my books up right now for review copies! This freaks me out a bit! I have releases in April, May and July and they’re all books I’m super proud of.

April – Dancing in the Rain – a standalone contemporary romance

May – Hot Shot – Last Shot Book 2 featuring Carrie and Marco

July – Cross Check – Bayard Hockey Book 2 featuring Ella and Ben

What I’m working on now

I’m writing Slap Shot, the next in the Aces Hockey series, which is Max Hall’s story – so many of you have been asking about his HEA! This will be out in October.

Don't forget to check out this amazing giveaway of 45 sports romances!

Also watch for the re-release of three of my books from my back list— Rigger, Conference Call and Irish Sex Fairy. I’ve been working on revising and updating these books, got sexy new covers made for them and they should be back in stores February 20!


Preparations are on for RT in Atlanta in May! I’ve booked my flight and am working on swag. Looking forward to seeing my author friends, meeting with my agent and editors and connecting with readers!

Kelly Jamieson

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`  COVER REVEAL!!

Coming in October - more Aces Hockey!

Many of you have been asking for Max Hall's story!




Kelly Jamieson
Back Check is now available!

The so-bad-they’re-good alphas of hockey’s Chicago Aces are back in this emotionally charged novel of sex, love, and second chances from the bestselling author of Top Shelf and the Heller Brothers series.

Tanner Bennet hates weddings. They just remind him that he simply isn’t cut out for any kind of healthy, committed relationship—never has been, never will be. After getting rejected by the girl he thought was “the one” all those years ago, he made a huge mistake and married the wrong person. Now that the divorced heartbreaker has reluctantly agreed to be a groomsman for one of his NHL teammates, the last thing he expects is a chance at redemption with the one that got away.

After Marc Dupuis of the Chicago Aces hires wedding planner Katelyn Medford, she discovers that her big break comes with a twist: a reunion with her college sweetheart. The way she dumped Tanner still haunts her. Eight years—and three broken engagements—later, Katelyn knows she’ll never have that kind of innocent, wide-eyed passion again. Still, she and Tanner soon generate enough body heat to burn up the sheets. And even with Tanner’s career with the Aces up in the air, Katelyn’s wondering whether the time is right to let him in for real.






Stacey Price
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 


As it was for many people, 2016 was a difficult year for me in many ways. But the bright spot for me was my writing career, as 2016 turned out to be pretty darn good. I hit the USA Today bestseller list 3 times! Yay! My Aces Hockey series has continued to grow, and I'm thrilled with the positive reviews and with the sales. I also feel so blessed to have made so many great friends through my writing, both authors and readers.

What's coming in 2017?

Well, I have 5 releases coming starting this month with Back Check, another Aces Hockey series. Early reviews are great, so I'm pumped for this release!


Then in April I have something completely new for you...the hero is a hockey player, yes, but Drew's been forced into retirement and he's not dealing well with it. Dancing in the Rain is a powerful story about love and loss and strength...I love how Drew finds his own strength from the women in this story.

In May, we have Hot Shot - Last Shot book 2. We pick up right where Body Shot left off, and get to enjoy the sparks between Carrie and Marco.

Then in July, Cross Check is out. This is Bayard Hockey book 2. I apologize that it's been so long between Shut Out...that's the way publishing works! We have another enemies to lovers story as Ben and Ella discover they have more in common than they realize, and I love that we have another heroine who tries to do something positive with the tragedy that she's experienced.

October brings Slap Shot (CONFESSION! I'm just writing this book now. This is Max Hall's story...you may remember him from the first Aces books where he loses his young wife to cancer. I'm sure you can imagine his struggles. Many readers have asked whether he'll get his HEA...so you'll need to read this one!

I also have a few books I'll be re-releasing in February -- Rigger, Conference Call and Irish Sex Fairy -- so watch for those if you haven't already read them! 

I don't believe in making resolutions and I know 2017 is going to hold some tough challenges for me, but I love to write-- it keeps me going when things are difficult. And I love to share my stories with all of you!


Kelly Jamieson

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` COVER REVEAL!

Coming spring 2017!


A retired athlete meets the daughter he never knew—along with the woman who reignites his passions—in this powerful standalone romance from the bestselling author of Hot Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Drew Sellers is drowning in broken dreams and empty beer bottles. Hockey was his world, until a bum knee reduced him from superstar to has-been. Then he learns that, thanks to a one-night-stand back in college, he’s the father of a preteen girl with major issues. Her protective aunt sees right through Drew’s BS, but “Auntie P” is no stereotypical spinster. With her slender curves, toned legs, and luscious lips, she has Drew indulging in fantasies that aren’t exactly family-friendly.

At another point in her life, Peyton Watt would have been all over a cocky alpha male who pushes all her buttons like Drew. Right now, though, she needs to focus on taking care of her niece during her sister’s health crisis, all while holding down a job and keeping her own head above water. Besides, Drew’s clearly no father of the year. He’s unemployed. He drinks too much. And he’s living in the past. But after Peyton gets a glimpse of the genuine man behind his tough-guy façade, she’s hooked—and there’s no going back.

Looks like the cover hasn't rolled out to retailers yet, but we do have pre-order links...





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Kelly Jamieson
TOP SHELF is a USA Today Bestseller!

I'm so thrilled to let you all know that Top Shelf hit the USA Today Bestseller List!

Thank you readers, I am so grateful that you buy my books! Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and I can't thank you enough.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen - my agent Emily Sylvan Kim, the whole team at Loveswept who do an amazing job of making my books the best they can be, putting a hot cover on them(right???) and getting the books out into readers hands. Thanks to my fabulous Sweet Heat Reader Group for all your support, Stacey Price who is amazing and helped me out with this release, and most of all thanks to everyone who buys my books!

Kelly Jamieson
Top Shelf now available!

I'm so thrilled that Top Shelf is now out! This is Aces Hockey Book 3. It overlaps in timing a bit with Book 2 Icing, so you'll meet up again with all the Aces guys from the first two books. I think it will make you laugh and maybe cry a bit. I love both Jared and Sidney. They surprised me at times, and I love it when my characters do that -- it makes telling their story so much fun! I hope you enjoy!

Whether it’s a clutch goal or a cocktail, nothing beats “top shelf.” In this novel from the bestselling author of the Heller Brothers Hockey series, a fun-loving jock and an ambitious career woman mix business with pleasure.
Not only is Jared Rupp one of the stars of the NHL’s Chicago Aces, he’s also the owner of the Sin Bin, the after-hours hot spot where the whole team hangs out. Lately, Jared can’t take his eyes off the woman he’s hired to give the Bin a more modern feel: a sexy, sophisticated consultant who has carved out a niche updating drink menus. She’s as passionate about her career as Jared is about hockey—and yet he can’t help wondering what kind of cocktail she really wants.
In her line of work, Sidney Frayne is used to guys hitting on her in bars, but Jared gets her hot enough to burst into flames. When he’s wining and dining her, he’s sophisticated as hell; on the rink, he’s a testosterone-fueled powerhouse. Still, Sidney’s bitter divorce taught her to keep her emotions on ice. With her busy schedule—and Jared’s playboy reputation—she’s not sure she’s ready for a fling. Because if she lets Jared into her bed, she just may have to let him into her heart.






Stacey Price
Friends With Benefits

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I am re-releasing my book Friends With Benefits - it has a pretty new cover and a few tweaks to the content, but it is the same book. If you've already bought it - thank you! If not, I've got it on sale for a special price of just $0.99 for the first two weeks so this is a good time to check it out!

Kelly Jamieson
Body Shot now available!

Yay! It's release day for Body Shot! This is Book 1 in my Last Shot series, about three former Navy SEALs who now own a tequila bar in San Diego. These men have conquered huge obstacles in their lives, but they're about to be conquered by love...


The bestselling author of the Heller Brothers series stirs up a tempting cocktail of fun and seduction as a sexy SEAL-turned-bartender treats a buttoned-up scientist to a wild weekend . . . and a change of heart.
Former Navy SEAL Beck Whitcomb left a world of privilege to prove he could make his own way. Money, mansions, expensive cars—none of it could heal the loss of his older brother, or buy his parents’ love. Now, after using his trust fund to open the Conquistadors tequila bar with his brothers-in-arms, Beck has it all: good friends, fine liquor, and hot hookups. When it comes to women, commitment’s not his thing—until he gets a taste of the pretty professor who walks into his bar . . . and winds up in his bed.
Hayden Miles knows all too well that emotional decisions can lead to heartbreak, and nothing screams “bad decision” like a playboy bartender with inked biceps and a wicked smile. Still, their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive—and Hayden knows her chemistry. For once, this good girl longs to let loose. But is she willing to risk the pain to quench her thirst? With the promise of more on the table, Hayden’s eager to believe . . . before she misses her shot.







Kelly Jamieson